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A spiritual awakening is a realization of what is real.

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Gran Canaria & Tenerife by (Sergio Formoso)

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Underwater Archaeology [NationalGeographicImages, NatGeoDescriptions]

Possibly one of the coolest professions ever, these underwater archaeologists are exploring one of hundreds of cenotes found in the waters of Yucatán, Mexico. Their goal: to map their current cenote, locate artifacts, film their location, label, and collect samples. They were surprised to find nine skeletons. When told of the nearby village’s practice to sacrifice 15 virgins, the archaeologists were again surprised to discover that not all of the skeletons were young girls — and not all of the skeletons were sacrifices. Many finds like this were discovered in the process, unveiling more and more on the rituals and practices of the nearby villages, current and past. 

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